I’ve started this blog because I’ve been wanting to be a little more personal in my posts than I felt like I could over at This Old Alley House. Matthew and I started that blog together and honestly, I feel like it’s a bit of bait and switch to all two of our followers if I start talking about things only pertaining to me.

Many months ago, I told Matthew I was working on a funny name for a tumblog. I am to verbose for a tumblog and I didn’t have a funny name.

Finally, the name for this blog came to me when I was thinking about all the silly phrases my mom used when I was growing up. She would want me to do something or give me a reason why I could or couldn’t do something and I would keep asking her why, why, why? When she ran out of reasons she would say “because I am the mom, that’s why”!

This is going to be fun.

Thanks for reading,




4 thoughts on “Hola!

  1. Love the picture at the top of the page; keep posting, we’re reading.

    Also, this just means Matthew has to pick up the slack at This Old Alley House, right?

  2. I am a bit behind the times, and read all of your posts this morning, I love the blog, and the name! I remember Jan saying this many times, especially when you had become the WIT!

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