So, what have I been sewing…

The store that made me want to start sewing is Fancy Tiger. It’s located here in Denver and my super creative friend covered wooden letters of Emma’s name in fabric she got there. Once I saw the awesome fabrics I was too intrigued to stay away from the store. It’s not your mom’s fabric store folks. Okay, if your mom is super hip, it might be her kind of place.

Matthew’s mom and I went to the store late last summer, but I didn’t get around to sewing the Oliver + S pattern I purchased for Emma that day until recently. When I bought the fabric and pattern I was a little nervous I was in over my head. All my previous sewing experience was with my mom. She did all the math to figure out how much of each supply we needed so when I got to the counter at Fancy Tiger and realized my pattern called for lining and interfacing (what?) I didn’t really know what I needed or how much.

Who knows what gave me the courage to finally sew the swingset tunic pattern. Gosh darn it’s cute.

So stinking cute I decided I just had to sew another one…

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