First vacation for mama

Call me really pathetic or even flighty, but I have NEVER worked at the same thing for 16 months without a small vacation or three. I didn’t realize how much I needed just a few days break from my stay-at-home-mama job – which by the way is not really a job and does not pay (can you believe it?!?).

My friend invited me to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival with a bunch of her friends and as a major bonus we got to see a good friend from college.

My hat’s off to mama’s that never get a break. I’m going to try and plan a get-a-way before another 16 months fly by.

Katie and I stopped by the town where Matthew’s dad grew up.

Dinner with Scotty

Mountains in Telluride

I can’t imagine a better venue




3 thoughts on “First vacation for mama

  1. Wow that is a great stage pic, is that from the Flecktones set? Let me know if you put up any other pictures, since I don’t have a camera and my phone was constantly in need of a charge I have been scrounging pictures from everyone who was there with a camera. Great to see you!

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