Kid Book of the Week*: Drummer Hoff

Reading to Emma is one of my favorite things. I read to her when she was an infantile lump and I am pretty sure she couldn’t even see the pictures on the pages. From around six months of age to sometime after a year when sometimes she had the attention span for one book or 10, but mostly just chewed on and explored books I tried to keep them at an accessible level for her grab with her fat little hands.

Sometime in the last quarter of 2011 she progressed from routinely sitting through board books with a good rhyme and few words to listening to books I consider to be actual picture books. You know – the books with really fantastic illustrations that make me wish I could draw more than a stick figure.

With Emma’s progression to real pictures books I have approved her to regularly check out books at the library and I think it would be fun to post about some of her favorites. (Her prior investigation and exploration, i.e. chewing, tearing and throwing of books was so borderline abusive I did not think it was appropriate to let her treat library books that way.)

Our first Kid Book of the Week is Drummer Hoff, by Ed and Barbara Emberly, illustrated by Ed Emberly. This is one of Matthew’s favorite books and it warms his little heart that Emma is so enamored with it. He repeatedly asks her to say the signature line, “Drummer Hoff fired it off,” and it’s quite adorable in her little voice. The stained glass-like illustrations, for which Mr. Emberly won a Caldecott in 1968, give lots of little details to be explored.

*What’s that you say? A weekly post on books for kids might be a bit ambitious for such a fickle blogger. You’re probably right.


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