Houston, we have a problem.

Emma is a climber. If something appears be remotely climbable she’ll swing her little leg up and try to scale it. Matthew’s genetics can be blamed for all of her climbing desires. My family is one of the most risk averse you will ever meet, so trust me, my genes were not a contributing factor.

Because of her propensity to climb I have known this day was coming, regardless, I sigh a heavy “ugh”. Yes, Emma can climb out of her crib. Honestly, we’ve kept her in her crib without any sort of intervention much longer than I expected. Thank you, sleep sack.

Unfortunately/fortunately her manual dexterity has improved – she can unsnap her sleep sack and wiggle her way out through the head hole. The sheer joy of this accomplishment makes her jump around like a little bean.

Last night she managed to wedge her leg between the crib and wall. This led her to scream for help – “stuck”! After I assisted her out of her little predicament she commanded me to fill her humidifier, which was soaking in the bathroom to kill any germs related to excessive use after she was diagnosed with double ear infections and bronchitis last week. She also reminded me I did not give her the amoxicillin she was prescribed for those little infections.  While I ran around fulfilling her orders, she swung her little leg over the front rail of her crib. Apparently she was saddled up because she shouted “yee-haw” and spurred the rails like she does her rocking horse.


2 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem.

  1. Hey Lisa! Just thought I should tell you- when I was four years old, I was playing in my little brothers crib, and fell out of it, breaking my left arm. I broke both of the bones in my forearm. So watch out for that crib climbing!

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