Grow Cook Eat by Willi Galloway


I’ve been meaning to do a post on my friend Willi’s book Grow Cook Eat for a while. I was reminded of this need today when I opened my email and what did I find, but a lovely message from Anthropologie titled Books We Love: Urban Gardening. Second from the bottom in the image of seven stacked books is Grow Cook Eat! This is so awesome to me that I know the author of a book. It’s also especially awesome because it’s on a topic I love.

After we graduated from college, ten years ago (cough, cough), Willi interned at Organic Gardening magazine. She eventually moved from Pennsylvania, where the magazine is based, to Seattle and became the west coast editor. I remember hanging out at Willi’s apartment and venturing up to the rooftop deck where she planted pots with veggies. For some reason the memory that sticks out most for me are the CDs she had tied to sticks in the garden to deter birds from snacking on the fruits. Funny, I now also remember visiting Willi’s p-patch in Seattle and seeing yogurt cups implanted in the dirt filled will beer to attract slugs and keep them from munching on her plants. Seems she has quite a few pesticide free tricks for keeping the pests aways from her coveted veggie garden.

Willi also authors the blog Matthew and I have employed several of Willi’s garden ideas on DigginFood in our own garden. Her squash trellis is fabulous and I used her method of pre-sprouting pea seeds this spring.

Willi now lives in Portland and is currently touring for her book. She’s kinda like a rockstar – on tour. Her love of gardening is seriously infectious. Check out her book – it will make you more excited about gardening and give you some great ideas on how put all those veggies your growing to use in your kitchen and ultimately in your belly! Yum!


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