This is why I don’t take Emma to see Santa

Lots of Emma’s friends are turning three, which means we’ve gone to some great birthday parties. One of Emma’s friends had an all girl princess party – even Cinderella was invited!! A real live princess!

After the parents got out all of our giggles one dad pointed out you might see a group of grown men acting similarly if Brett Favre had shown up.

While most of the little girls sat as close as possible to Cinderella and starred in amazement our skeptical Emma stayed back and eyed her with concern.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She trusted her a bit when she was giving out stamps complete with fairy dust. Ok, so I may have shoved her into the circle and yanked out her hand for a stamp.

She ran over to Matthew and made sure he saw what she was seeing, “that’s Cinderella, dad”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlas, she returned to her skeptical ways when sitting on Cinderella’s lap for a photo opp.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am sure I am to blame for some (or all) of her skepticism. I haven’t exposed her to a lot of the princess stuff. I figure the fairy princess marketing machine will get to her at some point. Of course we have dress ups and wands and crowns, and she’s even been heard shouting, “I am a princess!”, but we’re a little behind as far knowing who is who in the world of princesses. Last summer she would ask for Cinderella, which meant she wanted a slice of mozzarella cheese. I am certain princesses eat cheese.


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