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Emma loves Maya

Before we had Emma everyone asked us what we thought Maya would think of her. Both Matthew and I were certain
as soon as Maya realized how important Emma was to us things would be just fine.

Maya is great with Emma and even a little protective when we are out on walks.

I sometimes wonder if Emma considers Maya just another human in our family. She asks about her the minute I retrieve her from a nap and I even caught her sharing a Popsicle with Maya. Seriously – holding it out for Maya to take a lick.

I snapped this pic of Emma snuggling Maya while I prepared lunch. Emma loves Maya.



Noon run with the girls’ team

One perk of being a stay at home mama is being able to do things at odd hours during the day while others sit at their desk and stare at a spreadsheet. Ha!

I did not get up for my normal Tuesday morning run due to a night of poor sleep so Emma, Maya and I went out for a little five miler around lunch-time. It was awesome.

Here’s a pic of the girls’ team post run. No, Emma is not chomping on a dog bone. I gave her a teething biscuit when we were in the home stretch. That pretty much guaranteed the only squeals we heard from the stroller were those of delight.