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So we had baby…

Miss Stella Mae arrived on May 29. Despite being 10 days (that is not a typo!!) late she decided to make a rather hurried appearance once she was ready. Fortunately, she seems to be pretty laid back considering the way she rocketed into the world.

We spent the summer settling in as a family of four. (OK, five if you count the dog, but after all the things she chewed up yesterday I am currently not counting her.) We worked in our garden. Emma bounced, climbed and ran around and Stella observed/slept in her bouncy seat on the patio. Matthew and Emma would adventure to the farmer’s market, a Rockies game and most frequently Home Depot. There wasn’t a whole lot of sleeping. I take that back – Stella had some brilliant nights of sleep from weeks five to ten. It wasn’t until week 13 I realized she fell off the nighttime sleep wagon. In the past few weeks she’s slept quite well and it’s allowed me to see the world through rose colored glasses. It’s really lovely – I suggest trying on a pair.